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The business landscape is changing every day as new technologies are launched and make their impact. To survive, businesses must be pro-active and able to assess and respond to these challenges.

Use of an external consultancy can help a business access additional specific skills, expertise and experience which are not necessarily readily available within their own business.

By avoiding the time spent recruiting and training in-house staff,  a consultancy has to potential to deliver much faster results. They can be engaged for short fixed term projects.

At Great Northern Consulting, we can offer a very flexible approach to our clients, often operating at both strategic and tactical levels. Much of our work falls in to the following broad areas:


This is the foundation of almost every project. You cannot consider new strategies and plan effectively if you do not know what is happening today!

Audit looks at existing campaigns and business activities. What were the objectives? What are the expectations? What are the actual results?.....and WHY?

A well- structured audit project can set the benchmark KPIs for future activities.


Assignments in this area are focused on 'What happens next'; how do we 'move the needle'?

It can include a variety of activities including:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Performance tracking
  • Creative campaign ideas
  • Competitor research and benchmarking
  • Objective and goal setting
  • KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)


Knowledge transfer is a key part of our business strategy. We like our clients to understand and take ownership of their projects, which we may have initially formulated and launched for them.

Training can be through on-site custom workshops and classes. However often the most-effective way is through partnering and mentoring staff to take over specific project skills or responsibilities.